Contract Drafting & Contract Review

We provide legal advice on contract drafting, contract negotiation, and contract review of all types of contracts. A representative sample of the types of contracts we can help you with, are listed below.

We draft many more types of contracts, but space does not permit us to list all of them. Should you need a contract which is not included below, please contact us. In all likelihood, we can help you to draft your contract.

Negociación exitosa de contratos.
  • Earnest money contract, purchase option contract, real estate purchase and sale contract, and real estate intermediation contract.
    Our firm has represented and currently represents private individuals, construction companies, and real estate developers, in connection with the sale and/or purchase of real estate (land, apartments, villas, ranches, industrial warehouses, hotels, theaters, berths/moorings, etc).
  • Lease contracts: main residence, seasonal property, touristic accommodation, time-share, single room, commercial premises, ranches (rural real estate), industrial warehouses, theaters, and berths/moorings.
    Not only we advise private individuals and companies (both local and foreign) on their lease contracts, but we also focus on advising local and international students, because, sometimes, they are pushed around and cheated by unscrupulous landlords.
  • Purchase and sale contracts of moveable goods: motor vehicles, motorcycles, jewelry, works of art (paintings, sculptures, etc), animals (pets, horses, livestock, etc), kitchen equipment for restaurants, boats, etc.
  • Purchase and sale contracts of bitcoins.
  • Contracts related to restaurants and caterings: We provide legal advice in connection with all types of contracts that need to entered into by restaurant owners or catering owner, among others, with chefs, staff, suppliers, or culinary advisors.
    In the restaurant and catering industries, we also advise restaurant and catering owners regarding their local or international expansion (for example, franchising the business), re-organizing their existing structure from a tax saving stand point, etc.
    We also assist culinary event organizers, among others, on the following areas: lease contract for the culinary venue, lease contracts with exhibitors for stands, sponsorship contracts, contracts with Michelin Star Chefs for “Show-Cooking” activities (both national and international).
  • Commercial contracts: Franchising, agency, commission, commercial purchase and sale, leasing, advertising (sponsorship), etc.
  • Turnkey contracts.
  • Loan contracts.
  • Donation contracts
  • Mortgage and pledge contracts.

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