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Tax Law

Our main goal when providing legal advice on Spanish tax matters is that our clients comply with their respective tax obligations, and, when possible, saving time and money. Our tax advice is tailor made to the needs of each client.
We advise our international clients on their investments in Spain.

Derecho Fiscal en Madrid

The tasks that our firm is often entrusted with are as follows:

  • Tax preparation and tax filing services for Personal Income Tax, Corporate Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Non-Resident Income Tax, Inheritance and Donation Tax, etc.
  • Tax consulting services related to day-to- day running of the business or activity of the client. We render this type of service to corporations, self-employed workers, and private individuals.
  • Tax planning in operations (involving, among others, acquisitions, mergers, transmissions and reorganization of assets, business and companies), and tax burden. The said tax planning and tax burden/ tax liability services are rendered to corporations and individuals alike.
  • Tax planning related to inheritance matters.
  • Expert advice related to Spanish taxes.
  • Drafting and filing Consultations before the Spanish General Directorate of Taxes.
  • Tax advice to business groups: tax consolidation, setting up company holding structure.
  • Tax audit and tax litigation.

Finance Law

The services that we render to our clients in respect of financial matters are the following:

  • Attention and reply to injunctions from the Spanish State Tax Administration Agency.
  • Tax management verifications.
  • Assistance, representation and defense with regards to tax audits made by the Spanish State Tax Administration Agency.
  • Accompanying service to clients when attending appointments before the Spanish State Tax Administration Agency.
  • Drafting and filing appeals related to tax matters.
  • Representing clients in Economic-Administrative claims.
  • Verification of tax values.
  • Telematic tax filings and management of electronic communications with the Spanish State Tax Administration Agency.
  • Deferment, payment in instalments and debt compensation.
  • Tax economic planning.
Derecho Tributario

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