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In our corporate law and company law advice is often required in respect of the following matters:

  • Incorporation of companies, foundations and associations.
    We provide our clients comprehensive advice regarding the incorporation of a company, such as: filing application to obtain the name of the corporation before the Central Mercantile Register, drafting the corporate bylaws in connection with the business scope of the company, drafting shareholders’ agreements, obtaining the Tax Identification Number for the new company, drafting the articles of association, etc.
  • General company advice. Once the company has been incorporated, we advise our clients, among others, in the following areas: – Amendments to the by-laws (including change of the corporate domicile, corporate name, company purpose, etc). – Increases and decreases of the company’s share capital. – Company compliance (to prevent corporate crimes). – Data protection compliance
  • Board secretary services
  • Corporate advice to directors and shareholders (majority shareholders and minority shareholders).
  • Legal advice in connection with the negotiation, drafting or review of local and international commercial agreements, such as: franchising, agency, commission, leasing, licensing, exclusive supplier, sponsorship agreement, international sale of goods, etc.
  • Bankruptcy Proceedings:

    Corporate law firm García de Ceca represents debtors and creditors alike.
    When representing debtors, we provide legal advice on the following stages: – The pre-bankruptcy stage (advising debtors how to manage negotiation with other parties). – Filing for bankruptcy. – Throughout the bankruptcy proceedings.
    When representing local or international creditors, we provide legal advice on the following stages: – Pre-bankruptcy stage (managing negotiations with the debtor and the convenience or not of filing for bankruptcy at a very early stage) – Filing for bankruptcy in Spain, be it on behalf of a company or on behalf of a private individual. – Before joining an existing bankruptcy proceeding. – Throughout the bankruptcy proceedings.
    As a creditor it is very important not only to monitor the bankruptcy proceedings, but to take an active role throughout the bankruptcy proceedings, disputing, where appropriate, decisions taken by the bankruptcy trustees or the Judge). Otherwise, there is high risk of not recovering any amount.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Legal advice to Start-Ups
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