Labor Law

Asesoramiento en nóminas y seguros sociales + labor law Payroll Management & Social Security Services

Payroll Management & Social Security Services

  • Payroll processing and Social Security services
  • Registration and deregistration of employees to be filed before the Social Security Fund.

Employment contracts for expatriates, professional athletes, artists, chefs, top-level management.

  • Labor law assistance in the negotiation and drafting of employment contracts, for expatriates, professional athletes (mainly for soccer players and basketball players), artists, chefs (including Michelin Star), top-level management, to be executed in several jurisdictions, as follows: Spain, China, United States, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Turkey, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, etc.
  • Drafting “Golden Parachute” clauses and post-contractual non-compete clauses.
  • Legal advice prior to employment contract termination.

Labor Legal Assistance

  • Legal advice at any stage of the employment relationship.
  • Labor settlement advice and labor lawsuit drafting.
  • Legal assistance before Labor Courts.
  • Drafting and filing labor appeals.
  • Legal assistance in Labor Inspection proceedings.


  • Legal labor law assistance in connection with dismissal on objective grounds and/or dismissal on disciplinary grounds.
  • Termination of temporary employment contracts: severance calculations.

Conciliation / Labor Settlement

  • Drafting and filing for labor settlement.
  • Assistance to the settlement proceeding before the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Service, with or without the client.
Asesoramiento en litigios laborales - labor law

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