Criminal Law & Prison Law

Criminal Law

One of the main areas upon which García de Ceca was founded was white collar criminal law, and more specifically on monetary crimes (today better known as financial crimes). The firm has a wealth of experience in criminal law, representing foreign and national individuals, public servants, corporations (local and international), municipal councils, or embassies. Our representation has taken place in extremely complex cases, involving multiple parties and with huge media exposure, as well as in other cases with less media appeal.

The firm is also specialized in Extradition and European Arrest Warrant cases. Taking into consideration that the clients involved in such cases are mostly foreign citizens, at García de Ceca, we have lawyers who can communicate with them in the following languages: mandarin Chinese, German, French, Italian, Spanish or English.

Abogados Penalistas en Madrid

The types of cases that we are most frequently entrusted with, involve the following types of crimes:

  • Criminal Organization or Criminal Group.
  • Money Laundering.
  • Against the Public Treasury (Tax Crimes).
  • Financial fraud.
  • Misappropriation of funds.
  • Falsification of public, official, commercial or private documents.
  • Corporate crimes
  • Asset stripping
  • Against intellectual and industrial property.
  • Technological crimes (mainly via the internet or through e-mail).
  • Corruption of public officials and against the Public Administration.

Notwithstanding the above, our firm also advises clients on multiple criminal related situations, such as the following:

  • Drafting and filing a criminal complaint.
  • Under arrest at Police stations, in need of legal assistance prior to declaring before the police.
  • Visiting clients who are imprisoned.
  • Filing appeals against provisional detention: We help our clients to file the said appeals and be released on bail or without bail.
  • First time declaration before Court after being held under arrest.
  • Declaring in court as plaintiff or defendant. Legal representation in court.

Should you have any concerns regarding a criminal case, contact us, and we will study your case.

Derecho P争取保释(无保/取保)

Prison Law

We can help you in two types of situations, as follows:

→ Pre-trial custody in jail.

  • Providing legal advice to inmates regarding their particular case or regarding jail law.
  • Filing appeals to be remanded on bail.

→ Imprisonment after judgment

In case you have been convicted, we help you, among others, in the following situations:

  • Sentence calculation (Inmate prison time credit and Inmate prison time calculation)
  • Applying for leave permits.
  • Filing appeals against inmate grade classification, including inmate FIES regime classification.
  • Applying for third grade classification (also known as open regime).
  • Filing complaints before the Penitentiary Surveillance Court.
  • Filing appeals against penitentiary resolutions: denying leave permit, initial classification, grade classification, disciplinary penalties, etc.
  • Filing appeals against prison transfers.
  • Regarding prison law related services, we can either schedule a meeting in our offices with the inmate’s relatives, schedule a conference call, or schedule a visit to the inmate.
Solucionamos tus asuntos penales con ramificaciones internacionales en España

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